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What do you want? He was closing up. I knew sometimes he slept right there in his shop, with blankets on the bottom shelf, history above, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to the left. Papers littered his desk and the floor where we lay our heads, letting the pure products of the shapely mind inform the equally combustible body. Who is it who says the closer you are to an irreversible apocalypse the more fragile language is? O lips! Living Room Altar Except for the shirt pulled from the ocean, except for her hands, which keep folding the shirt, except for her body, which once held their bodies, my sister wants everything back now-- If there were a god who could out of empty shells carried by waves to shore make amends-- If the ocean saved in a jar could keep from turning to salt-- She's hearing things: bird calling to bird, cat outside the door, thorn of the blackberry against the trellis.

Catherine Barnett Providence This evening I shared a cab with a priest who said it was a fine day to ride cross town with a writer.

But I can't finish the play I said, it's full of snow. The jaywalkers walked slowly, a cigarette warmed someone's hand. Some of the best sermons don't have endings, he said while the tires rotated unceasingly beneath us. All over town people were waiting and doubleparked and making love and waiting. The temperature dropped until the shiverers zipped their jackets and all manner of things started up again.

Sweet Double, Talk-Talk [iv. Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter. Teach This Poem. Handcrafted hats. An accessory that is always in sight.

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As such, it must be perfect. Life always gives you a choice, whether to do what you love or what society finds generally accepted. It is a moment when you should listen to your heart and follow it.

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  4. Hats and their aesthetics are a way to express your individuality. It is also one of the steps you make to accomplish the desires of your heart. Amor fati, unconditional love of fate, is what drives us and what we put into our hats.

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