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Meet our world famous teachers. Join the community and unlock your full potential. Our example is a simple route mapping application that lets clients get information about features on their route, create a summary of their route, and exchange route information such as traffic updates with the server and other clients. With gRPC we can define our service once in a. We also get all the advantages of working with protocol buffers, including efficient serialization, a simple IDL, and easy interface updating.

To download the example, clone the grpc-go repository by running the following command:. You can see the complete.

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Then you define rpc methods inside your service definition, specifying their request and response types. Next we need to generate the gRPC client and server interfaces from our. We do this using the protocol buffer compiler protoc with a special gRPC Go plugin.

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  • This is similar to what we did in the quickstart guide. As you can see, our server has a routeGuideServer struct type that implements the generated RouteGuideServer interface:. It returns a Feature protocol buffer object with the response information and an error. ListFeatures is a server-side streaming RPC, so we need to send back multiple Feature s to our client. Should any error happen in this call, we return a non- nil error; the gRPC layer will translate it into an appropriate RPC status to be sent on the wire.

    Basics of Golang [For Beginners]

    EOF the message stream has ended and the server can return its RouteSummary. The following snippet shows how we do this for our RouteGuide service:. To call service methods, we first need to create a gRPC channel to communicate with the server. We create this by passing the server address and port number to grpc.

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