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Deep in the catacombs below the city, he unearths dark clues deliberately set - and as he draws closer to the killer, discovers that he is to be the next victim. Gil Petty, America's most celebrated wine critic, is found strung up in a vineyard, dressed in the ceremonial robes of the Order of the Divine Bottle and pickled in wine.

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For forensic expert Enzo Macleod, the key to this unsolved murder lies in decoding Petty's mysterious reviews - which could make or break a vineyard's reputation. Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Enzo Macleod is running out of time to crack the most confounding of unsolved French murders. His daughter is nearly killed, Enzo is mugged - and then he is arrested. Someone is trying to destroy his character.

Someone is framing him for murder. Killers from the past will stop at nothing to halt Enzo, who must use all his forensic skills to solve the case - before they succeed.


This tiny isle off the coast of Brittany is the scene of a murder left shrouded in mystery and grief. Adam Killian's study has been left intact since his death - the perfect state for Enzo Macleod's forensic investigation. Killian's daughter-in-law is still hoping; the first suspect is still hiding; and the treacherous island itself still has a revelation for Enzo. Footprints in the snow lead to the murder scene of Marc Fraysse, France's most celebrated chef - brutally shot before he could make the revelation of his career. Seven years on and the mystery still raw, Enzo Macleod forays into the heated world of haute cuisine to uncover bitter feuds and a burning secret.

The Fraysse family history is as twisted as Enzo's own. And in his pursuit of truth, the depths of deceit threaten to consume Enzo - and that which he cherishes most. Extraordinary People paperback has pages and measures: Subject to exceptions, we are happy to exchange or refund your purchase within 28 days of delivery.

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Blowback by Peter May. When France's top chef, Marc Fraysse, summoned th… More. Shelve Blowback. Book 6. Cast Iron by Peter May. West of France, A weeping killer deposits th… More.

Shelve Cast Iron. Book Please note these are normal standard books suppl… More. The Enzo Files by Peter May. In he won the Prix Intramuros. The books under consideration are reduced to a shortlist of 6 finalists and the authors of the shortlisted books then have to travel to various French prisons to be interviewed by panels of detainees.

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This former forensic scientist, now working as a biology professor at a French university becomes involved in applying the latest scientific methods to solve cold cases. May continues to ensure authenticity in the details of his books by researching in France just as he did in China.

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  7. Peter May, Scottish author, The Enzo Files.
  8. When writing "The Critic" — which involves the wine industry and is set in Gaillac, France — May took a course in wine-tasting, picked grapes by hand, and was invited by the winemakers of the region to be inducted as a Chevalier de la Dive Bouteille de Gaillac in December While working on his standalone thriller 'Virtually Dead', May researched the book by creating an avatar in the online world of Second Life and opening the Flick Faulds private detective agency.

    After being turned down by all the major British publishers, The Blackhouse , the first book in 'The Lewis Trilogy', was published first in May's adopted home of France in French translation at the end of It is the first of three books to be set in the Outer Hebrides , an archipelago off the North West coast of Scotland.

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    The second book in the trilogy, 'The Lewis Man' was published in January , and spent 18 weeks in the UK hardbacks best sellers' list. The third book in the trilogy, 'The Chessmen' was published in January The book is partly set on a remote island in modern-day Canada and partly set on the Isle of Lewis years earlier during the Highland Clearances. Runaway is a crime novel based on Peter May's real experiences of running away from home in Glasgow seeking fame and fortune in London with members of a musical group that he was part of in the s.

    The story is told through two storylines, one in in which five teenagers embark on a trip that ends with tragic consequences, and the other in , where three of the men retrace their steps from Scotland to London fifty years later in order to solve a murder. The story has an ecological theme involving links between big pharmaceutical companies and colony collapse disorder in bees.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Peter May, see Peter May.

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