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Remember to come back to check for updates to this guide and much more content for Clash of Clans. By Team SuperCheats. You can always buy gems, once you decide this is the video game you love-to-play. When you first start playing Clash of Clans they offer a tutorial to help introduce you to aspects of the video game. The tutorial is useful, but you don't need to spend the resources it recommends to speed up construction, or an army of wizards to defeat the goblins. Wait for construction to finish on its own and the base to accumulate resources.

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Also, place two wizards next to the cannon, and you'll be fine. Wizards are powerful, but need support because they don't take much damage. This protection is a Shield. The length of time a Shield is effective depends on the amount of damage done during the raid and the buildings attacked. Don't worry about getting ready to attack. Spend this time building up defenses and resource buildings.

Upgrade Elixir Collectors and Gold mines as soon as possible and then storage facilities for both resources. Now, upgrade your Town Hall for defense. Don't build second resource storage facilities until after the first seven days. After this, construct as many as possible to maximize storage capacity. We will talk about more advanced defensive strategies you can use to dominate top players in future Clash of Clans articles.

Once the first three days are over and the defenses of your main encampment setup, you can begin thinking about conducting offensive operations. You need to develop a Clash of Clans war strategy. You also need to find elixir and gold and earn trophies on the battlefield to continue the fight and win. Gold and elixir are used to upgrade the buildings and other facilities required to win in Clash of Clans.

Trophies are the measurement system used to decide who is the best. At this point, we suggest the beginning player build a simple army , which will be easier to control. It will show a list of clans that will range from either 11 to 44 people in each. You may be allowed to search for a clan, like your friend's clan. Anyway, once you have chosen a clan, say Hi! Have a chat, request for troops, donate troops, everything a typical clan usually does. If there is no one talking in the clan, check the last message made. If it says something like 11 days 2 hours ago, or 12 hours ago when you usually sleep, then it's best to find another clan, as the people must live in a different time zone than you.

When donating troops, you should donate archers as they are the best form of troops to donate and get donated. Because archers are cheap, they can shoot over walls and people are just willing to donate them. You can only ask for troops every 20 minutes. Try to donate as many troops as possible as they give you 1 exp depending on the troop each time you donate, and people will like you more and maybe promote you to ELDER.

Move it into a strategic place, like where most people attack you from because your Clan Castle has lot's of health and can absorb a lot of damage. Also, your donated troops if any will come out and attack the enemy, slowing them down and possibly, but unlikely, change the tides of the battle. Put down one archer or a weak troop to test if there are any troops inside. If there is, send a giant and about Archers, depending how many troops are inside.

At the unlikely chance of a strong unit coming out like P. Has complete control over the entire Clan. He or she can either change the message displayed on the Clan Info bar, change the flag, kick anyone out including elder and control who comes into the clan and who doesn't. Leader has the most powerful position in the entire Clan. Co-Leaders have similar privileges to Leaders. She or he can either change the message displayed on the Clan Info bar, change the flag, kick anyone out including elders , promote members to Elders and to co-leaders and to control who comes into the clan and who doesn't.

Leaders be warned, Co-Leaders should be chosen carefully. Has no rights except that they can kick regular members, and in Invite Only clans accept or decline who comes into the Clan. Everyone hates Clan Hoppers. It's when some joins a clan, then leaves, usually causing a trail of destruction in its wake. What they do The only type of clan hopper that is welcomed friendly is probably the ones that are friends with the leaders in those clans, or when an extremely high level player or someone in the Top 50 joins. Not common, but there have been records of those that have. This is the list of all the Clans that I have been in.

These are also the ones that I remember. So, in no particular order The 'Wall Breaker' update was pretty big, and had to cover it in one chapter. Let's get started! Dark Elixir is a rare form of Elixir- namely Dark Elixir. When you have 10, Dark Elixir which can be bought with gems you can buy a Barbarian King, and with 40, an Archer Queen. Repeated below. Best way to get those rare Dark Elixir? Rain Lightning Spells on it. Not effective, but do you really think you would be able to get any more with full force?

Possibly, but unlikely for the well guarded ones.

Lords mobile castle level 12 screenshot

Dark Barracks can train Dark Elixir Troops! Just like a regular barrack, troops cannot be trained while being upgraded I know. What can they train? Read on! Wall Breakers used to be fooled by spiking. But now, as you can see, Wall Breakers are now smarter than they look or are they?

This means that you can store half the elixir you could have stored before, using a trick that can be read in the 'Tips and Tricks' section. When raiding, you can ignore any spikes. And, Wall Breakers are finally smart enough to blow up the inside walls, and not the outer walls, despite the old description for Wall Breakers This stuff depends on how much you play. If you play a lot, than this update should be GOOD for you, and if you are less active, this update is a Clashers nightmare Well, not much to write about there. What is this flaw, you ask?

It's the very fact that Dark Elixir can be stored. This trick works best when you are asleep. And now- how to do this neat little trick:. I officially present to the public Dokugan's Strategy Guide: Part 2! This extra part includes 3 extra chapters, which include Shields, Achievements and some Concept art! This is Part 2 of Dokugan's Strategy Guide. Here we will cover more of Clash of Clans' mysteries, and we will show you how to unlock them, and them exploit them.

Top 50 Tips & Tricks in Clash Royale - Ultimate Clash Royale Pro Guide

You may have read the Dark Elixir's Flaw. If you haven't, scroll above, or read the original article here. We all love them. Who doesn't? Even outside Clash of Clans, people will do anything for money. Let's get out of topic for a while The reason, is quite simple.

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We grant it power. If no one granted it any value or worth, it would just be a very nice looking piece of paper. This is the same with many other stuff. Is a painting valuable?

Maybe, if that person is famous. The more wanted something is, the more value it has the potential to have. This applies to Gems, Gold and Elixir. Supercell grants it power, especially to Gems, as you can be sure that they are the main purpose Supercell continues to develop the game. Used to buy defenses, traps, etc. Nice, right? Ironically, that's how much a Town Hall 6 upgrade costs. Save up, and never use them. What to save up for? Builder's Huts.

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Your entire village is being relied on plump, round men that don't even have a proper living space. But what do they actually do? Hammer on a tree until it fades is one. Hammer on your Town Hall until it's will is broken to upgrade by the how-many-thousand-times it was hammered, or they simply make walls and traps appear without even lifting a finger.

Thinking of it, I'm gonna lodge a complain to Supercell about the common sense of builders. Naw, jokes. Defensive buildings are a number 1, as when people raid you, your defenses- along with any Clan Castle Troops or traps that have been placed- shall decide your fate of your resources. Sound familiar?