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When he fell ill, Reitell and her doctor attempted to manage his symptoms, but he deteriorated rapidly. At midnight on November 5, an ambulance took the comatose Thomas to St. His wife, Caitlin Macnamara, flew from England and spun into a drunken rage upon arriving at the hospital where the poet lay dying. After threatening to kill Brinnin, she was put into a straitjacket and committed to a private psychiatric rehab facility.

What does "the sad height" represent in "Do not go gentle into that good night" by Dylan Thomas?

Just a few weeks later, New Directions published The Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas public library , containing the work Thomas himself had considered most representative of his voice as a poet and, now, of his legacy — a legacy that has continued to influence generations of writers, artists, and creative mavericks: Bob Dylan changed his last name from Zimmerman in an homage to the poet, The Beatles drew his likeness onto the cover of Sgt.

Dylan Thomas is that rare thing, a poet who has it in him to allow us, particularly those of us who are coming to poetry for the first time, to believe that poetry might not only be vital in itself but also of some value to us in our day-to-day lives. By the mids, having just survived World War II, Thomas, his wife, and their newborn daughter were living in barely survivable penury.

In the hope of securing a steady income, Thomas agreed to write and record a series of broadcasts for the BBC. His sonorous voice enchanted the radio public.

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The speaker opens with a command, addressing an unknown listener, to resist dying peacefully and instead to fight hard against death, despite its inevitability, using night and day as metaphors for death and life. The speaker continues to use natural imagery in this second stanza, likening the failure of words to leave a mark on the world to an inability to "fork," or redirect, lightning.

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Despite their virtue, their deeds remain "frail" and haven't stood out sufficiently as a strong, massive wave in a calm bay would. These men, too, fight death in hopes of leaving a lasting legacy. Again, the speaker uses natural imagery, comparing wild men's adventures to the excitement yet ultimate fruitlessness of "ca[tching] and s[inging] the sun. In their old age, they have a clarity that escaped them when they were younger, now able to "see with blinding sight," or understand things with piercing lucidity.

Finally, the speaker reveals that he is addressing his father, who is dying, and urges him to show emotion, like men he has just described. In the first stanza, Thomas uses day and night as an extended metaphor for life and death, urging people to resist death courageously rather than simply accepting it.

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  7. By using this metaphor, he presents life and death as part of the endless natural cycle of time, which began long before our lives and will go on long after them, just as day and night are a part of it. This gives death an impersonal feel: if everyone and everything dies, there's little that's special or notable about one death.

    This generic conception of death is what Thomas's characters in the poem are fighting against, striving to give their deaths individual significance. The critic Rushworth M. The stanza may also allude to the Greek myth of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun, melting the wings his father had crafted for him and causing him to plummet to the ground and his death.

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