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Safe land allows access to vital resources like water. Minefields can become fields of crops, houses can be built and livestock grazed without fear of accidents. HALO currently employs almost local men and women in Angola. Our Women in Demining in Angola project is training all-female teams to clear the landmines, empowering women like Suzana with skills, income and status, whilst making a safer future for their country. He moved to Angola in as a Field Officer, and with additional responsibility for the start-up of a project aiming to employ women in demining.

He became Programme Manager in December Megan has worked for various humanitarian NGOs; most recently with a research consulting firm focussed in Africa. She is an avid American football fan and enthusiastically supports her university alma mater the Virginia Tech Hokies as well as the Denver Broncos. Toni joined HALO in soon after the civil war ended and when his home province of Kuando Kubango was in dire need of emergency mine clearance assistance.

Amundsen's Dogs, Information Halos, and APIs

Toni was initially responsible for administrative and logistics support to demining operations in Mavinga, a remote town where ex-combatants were quartering for demobilisation, and many tens of thousands of refugees were making their journey home. Following this, he worked for three months in Myanmar as an Operations Officer before joining the Angola programme in November as a Weapons and Ammunition Management Officer. His areas of responsibility include a project for the refurbishment of police weapon stores, EOD, weapon destruction, and battle area clearance.

Aurelio joined HALO in as a deminer, and during the course of his career has worked in demining, survey, mechanical clearance, and road threat reduction. He spent time on the Mozambique programme and returned to Angola in to serve as Provincial Operations Manager. He was Location Manager for Huambo province from , and led the Mine Impact Free District Survey in Huambo from to , visiting areas where HALO clearance had been completed ensuring that there was no remaining mine threat. Giorgi joined HALO in September as a team leader in Georgia, then moved to Africa as Mechanical Officer in Mozambique—overseeing the completion of the last known minefield in the country.

In he was promoted to Clearance Manager in Ukraine. In he was chosen to lead the start-up of mechanical tilling operations in Angola before returning to Georgia as Programme Manager. He is currently working in Angola as Project Operations Manager. Giorgi is an avid vintner and farmer. Valdemar joined HALO in as a deminer and was quickly promoted. After a term as Provincial Operations Manager in Huambo he took over as Location Manager in the province and oversaw clearance operations during the busy period following the end of the war in He manages operational deployments across the programme and oversees all operational training.

He was later promoted to the role of the Provincial Operations Manager for Benguela province and has unrivalled knowledge of the minefields in that province. He currently manages all survey and data for the programme and liaises closely with colleagues at the national mine clearance authority CNIDAH. Registered in England No. Get inspired by our past work and design concepts - all designed from scratch.

Investigating the ‘Halo Drive’

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How do you overcome the challenges of ajourney through Antarctic wastes? Robert Falcon Scott took the traditional route.

Roald Amundsen followed native wisdom. He chose dogs.

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Amundsen led his team of 5 men and 52 dogsto the South Pole and backa grueling journey of 3, kilometers in C weather in only 99 days. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time; this is called bad luck.

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Roald Amundsen Polar Explorer We are living through an age ofdisruption and value destruction. Between your core businessand your customers ValueCore Business Customers FrictionCore Business Customers So you must overcome the friction to win FrictionCore Business Apps Customers That is the epic journey. But apps and platformsare proliferating so rapidly Mary MeekerKleiner Perkins Companies who are succeeding AppsDevelopers IT You remember microeconomics from yourcollege economics course Reduce the cost of your complementsto drive adoption of your core. Information is a complementto your core business.

Swaminathan, Chief Scientist, Accenture James Governor Redmonk Relying only on your own IT Is like trying to get to the South Poleusing ponies